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NBC Matt Granite

Many thanks to Matt Granite and NBC for the TV coverage. You can see it ...

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Julie the Gadgeteer, provides a plug for the Onplug as we continue to fight the vampires of power. Take a read and see the comments.http://the-gadgeteer.com/2011/07/04/save-energy-with-the-onplug/...

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Home Energy Hogs-CBC

The CBC delves into the world of phantom power to highlight some of the worst offending appliances that eat into your wallet each month as they gouge your electricity bill.Click here for full story...

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Its a Phantom Power Saver

We like to refer to this product as human behavior modification device. Not sanctioned by any reputable psychiatrist of course. People ask why they can't just unplug appliances and chargers that draw phantom power. The answer is they can and they should, but they rarely do. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we find it hard to unplug, and harder to plug ...

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So It's Just a Switch? PDF Print E-mail

When talking to consumers and retail buyers alike they are looking for the next generation technology from the Onplug. After explaining the simplicity of design and function of this little gadget, the most common retort is, "So It's Just a Switch?". 

The Onplug is a switch, designed to go where we have no switches. Designed to look like it belongs in your living room or over your kitchen counter. Designed to make saving electricity easy.

In England, Ireland Australia and many other countries, building codes require a switch per outlet. These are built in. The Onplug does not attempt to change building codes in America or Canada. We don't want to re-size junction boxes, or to take on the big companies that dominate that market space. What we offer is a switch with benefits.

In retail, this product should not displace any other product but it should complement the products in the electrical goods department.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 09:46