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EcoGizmo has offered up an online story on the Onplug.Click here to read...

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Throwing the Switch on Phantom Power

The Globe and Mail is reporting on a home owner who is saving $600 per year by cutting phantom power consumption. Seems power bars and OnPlugs are the way to go. Read the article ...

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The OnPlug Power Saver Can Be Bought at

Real Goods

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OnPlug for Dollars

JR Raphael at PC World has done some very cool research on how much money can be saved by getting aggressive on saving vampire power. Looking at some of the numbers in this article one can see that monetary payback on your OnPlug purchase can be quite fast. Of course we know the payback to the environment begins immediately once ...

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Getting Rid of Phantom Power

Phantom power can be referred to as the electrical power consumed by household appliances and gadgets when plugged in a wall outlet and not performing a useful function. Many such devices keep on consuming electricity even if they are turned off. The consumption continues between uses because most of the appliances plugged in the wall outlet are ...

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Vampire Appliances PDF Print E-mail

If you have an appliance that needlessly consumes electricity you should On plug it. All appliances with a remote control sit there consuming phantom power for our convenience.

Click here for more information on how to save on your electricity bill.